Meet our Team

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Alin Srivastava


Alin has a passion for the information security space and has been in the space for over 20 years. His favorite morning beverage is a venti Starbucks Pike Place and one of his favorite things to do is travel to tropical locations to play golf.

Vasu Nagendra

VP of Engineering

Vasu has a passion for solving customer problems that customers didn’t know they had. He has dedicated himself to Information Security and Compliance field for the last decade. His favorite beverage is a Diet Coke. He spends his spare time sleeping with one eye open on ATAP, when not taking care of his kids.

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Nam Kongara

Director of Operations

Nam has a passion for effectively and efficiently monitoring the bottom line. She has been doing this for the better part of decade and acknowledges she has control issues. Her favorite morning beverage is a Grande Chai Latte and her favorite hobbies are swimming and telling her kids to clean up their room.

Mark Hamilton

Director of Product Management

Mark has a passion for tinkering and building new things. He has over 10 years experience in threat hunting and creatively finds new ways to solve customer challenges. His favorite beverages are beers made in Maine. In his spare time, Mark enjoys tending to his honeybees and hitting very hot pieces of metal with other pieces of metal (blacksmithing).


Wyatt Quintero

Director of Technical Services

Wyatt has a passion for implementing our customer’s cybersecurity goals. He has been working in Technical Services for the last 8 years. His favorite beverages are protein shakes. In his spare time, Wyatt enjoys weightlifting old CPUs.


Simon Luijk

Senior Software Engineer

Simon is passionate about creating elegant solutions to technical problems. He has been developing software for the last 15 years. His favourite beverage is `un petit noir`. In his spare time, Simon enjoys hiking in the Swiss Alps with his family.