Customers implement powerful security solutions but these solutions are quickly weakened to reduce the noise level.


SIEM Engines Try...

  • Incidents
  • Analysis
  • Enrichment
  • Correlation
  • Aggregation
  • Normalization
  • Collection
Try to find known BAD

Expensive headcount needed to maintain SOC/SIEM solution


ATA ACE does...

  • Collection
  • Learning (Filters/Whitelists)
  • API Plugins to vendors
  • Security
  • Orchestration
  • Force Multiplication
Filter out known GOOD

Reduces expensive headcount needed to run SOC/SIEM


What do customers miss because of

weakened security solutions?


SIEMs are used to collect mountains of data, most of which is benign. An organization can then manually create correlation rules to identify known bad, and write new rules after successful attacks are missed.



Attacks are evolving to not look like known attacks, but they will never look like normal behavior. We use ACE to remove normal behavior, and focus on what’s left.


Fully Enable Your Security Solutions


Investigate every security alert and miss nothing. Stop turning feeds off to reduce noise. Use ATA's Alert Classification Engine (ACE), which is effective for 99% of the false positives.


Save Time Using Threat Analysis Plugins (TAPs)


Use TAPs provided by ATA or write your own TAP, to define multi stage decision trees. Orchestrate automated workflows for known events.


Supercharge Your Security Operations Center


Eliminate white noise by using the ACE Engine. Increase the efficacy of your SOC Analysts in hunting for real threats.


ATA will



Leverage intelligent LISTS & intelligent FILTERS to allow customers to turn on all the "bells and whistles" of these powerful security solutions to remove all the white noise.


Create real incidents that you can investigate immediately.


Automate the analysis & resolution of the security events (Secondary Orchestration).