Who is ATA?

ATA is helping MSSPs and enterprises finally break free of the painful and costly reality we call “alert tyranny” – when the volume of security alerts grows so out of control that it dictates staffing levels and operational business models. Traditional SIEM and INCIDENT orchestration solutions try to address the issue by reducing the time it takes to investigate each incident, but they do not address the volume issue. ATA takes a different approach – we dramatically slash the total number of incidents you need to investigate – freeing customers from alert overload so they can take a more efficient, effective, and strategic approach to security operations.



As we recently migrated from a reseller / consulting model to an MSSP model, we researched a wide range of SIEM and security orchestration platforms. Unfortunately, none of them would give us the level of efficiency our SOC requires. That’s when we found ATA. With ATA and its incident-response engine, we’re able to run a highly efficient and effective SOC operation — while exceeding our customer SLAs — but with less headcount than if we leveraged a traditional SIEM or security orchestration platform.
— VP Operations, Regional MSSP
Our network security team was overwhelmed with the amount of alerts that would number in the thousands per day. By leveraging Advanced Threat Analytics, we have brought down the number of true security incidents that we need to investigate into the single digits.
— Worldwide Retail Organization
There are solutions that promise to save us time and money and never deliver those promises. Advanced Threat Analytics actually delivers on those promises. We start our day in their dashboard and can immediately see what we need to investigate versus manually trying to determine which alerts we need to act on.
— Leading Healthcare facility


Too Much to Do? You're a Security Risk

Most major security breaches are not caused by a brilliant attack; they’re caused by a run-of-the-mill attack against a poor defense. The recent Equifax breach is a perfect case in point – the cause was an unpatched web application vulnerability…and the patch was readily available.


October 4, 2017 -- Advanced Threat Analytics Solves the Alert-Overload Problem with New Event Orchestration Platform

Cloud-based, Subscription Platform Reduces False Positive Alerts by 99.9% in Initial MSSP and Enterprise Deployments; Dramatically Reduces Costs and Improves Incident Response in Security Operations Centers